Kairos Community Resource Centre

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Gang Prevention and Intervention Program

Program Overview

The program provides individualized outreach services through a case management model.  Individual case plans are developed in conjunction with the youth, their family and community partners.  Services target the factors that put youth at risk for gang and criminal involvement and aims to strengthen protective factors.

Program workers are flexible in providing services to address the individual needs of the youth and their families.  For example they will meet youth in their community settings (ie neighbourhood, schools) as well as connect with youth at youth centres/facilities prior to their discharge.

Program workers will also assist youth in navigating systems to enhance opportunities to access services whether those are mental health and addictions, health services or financial support and housing.  Program staff will work beside youth to address the basic issues/needs that can present as barriers to participating and engaging in school/work/leisure, which ultimately promote a sense of inclusion, engagement and overall well being.

Identified Risk Factors that can lead to gang involvement may include:

  • Youth has lack of pro-social activities and community involvement;
  • Youth has lack of attendance at school and/or not enrolled;
  • Youth has lack of employment and/or employment skills;
  • Youth has a high commitment or loyalty to a negative peer group;
  • Youth has history of aggressive behaviour;
  • Youth has lack of stable housing;
  • Youth has substance/alcohol use concerns;
  • Youth is known to carry weapons;
  • Youth is involved in criminal activity;
  • Youth has been in conflict with the law;
  • Family conflict or challenges in parental supervision of youth;
  • Youth resides in a neighbourhood where there is gang presence;
  • Youth resides in a neighbourhood where there is a perceived access to drugs;
  • Youth resides in a neighbourhood where he/she has expressed feeling unsafe;
  • Youth has friends or family members who are gang members or associated with gangs;
  • Youth has siblings that are gang involved/associated;
  • Youth is suspected or admitted to being gang involved or an associate.

Programs and Services

  • Victim Empathy Program;
  • Anger Management/Emotion Management;
  • Drug and Alcohol Education;
  • Positive Pro-social Activities;
  • Employment Preparation/Employment Support;
  • Financial Literacy;
  • Gender specific programming;
  • Increase Youth Awareness about gangs and associated risks through an evidence based curriculum;
  • Prevention curriculum for siblings of gang involved youth;
  • Intervention programming for gang involved youth;
  • Family Services- programming to assist parents/guardians to support their children through a Collaborative & Proactive Solutions Approach;
  • Navigating Mental Health Services;
  • Support the rehabilitation and reintegration of youth back into positive community settings;
  • Educational Support;
  • Positive Mentoring;
  • Assistance with securing suitable housing;
  • Assistance with navigating Ontario Works/Ontario Disability Support Program Application
  • Cultural and Community Education;
  • Assist gang involved youth to exit gangs.

Referral Process

Program and Services are available to youth age 12-20 at time of referral who are involved with youth gangs or at risk of becoming involved with gang activities.

Youth will be assessed for eligibility through an intake and screening process. For further information on programming and services or to refer a youth please contact Tammie Corbett at (807) 623-1790 or Tammie.Corbett@kairoscrc.ca