Kairos Community Resource Centre

Helping youth to have the best opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential

About Us

Our History

Kairos Community Resource Centre was incorporated in 1975 to provide residential justice services to adult offenders. In 1987, with the inception and implementation of the Young Offenders Act (YOA), Kairos transitioned it services, operating a 12 bed open custody facility for male and female youth between the ages of 16 and 17 under the Ministry of Corrections.

In 2003 the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) replaced the Young Offenders Act. And the same year, the Ministry of Children and Youth Services was created to provide an integrated system of services to better serve children, youth and their families, including youth justice services.

Kairos currently operates an seven bed male facility for youth 12-17 years of age under the Ministry of Children, Community Social Services and in accordance with the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA).

Our Mission

Kairos works with youth and families, building on their strengths and abilities, which contributes to furthering safe and healthy communities.  This is achieved through our residential and community-based programs.

 We believe in

  • The premise that people are not only responsible to themselves but the community at large.
  • Being responsive to the diverse cultural, social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each individual.
  • An accepting environment that is safe, respectful and supportive which will assist in fostering trusting relationships.
  • Providing effective program options to enhance the skills and abilities of youth and families.
  • Collaborative partnerships in the community on behalf of youth and families.
  • A commitment of quality provided by a trained and dedicated staff, Board of Directors and other team members.

Kairos Board of Directors